Somerset High School
Class of 1955

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Reunion - October 2-4, 2015

SHS Class of 1955 Reunion 2015
First Row: Margie Buster, Jane Caldwell, Camille Christopher, Arlene Waddle, Doris Huff, Mary Burkhart, Charlie Flynn
Second Row: Graydon Cummins, Joyce Brinson, Mollie Dean, Jack Fish, Max Shearer, Richard Claunch
Third Row: Lennis Rice, Ray Pike, Harry Collins, J. D. Turpin , John Jones, Harold Barnett

Reunion, 2013

SHS Class of 55
Front row:
Betty Lou Coomer, Margie Buster, Bert Hail, Sylvia Burton, Harold Barnett, Graydon Cummings, Ronald Rice, Mary Burkhart

Row two:
Arlene Waddle,  Jayne Caldwell, Camille Christopher, Doris Huff, Martha Farmer, Joyce Chaney, Charlie Flynn, Ray Pike, Jack Fish

Row three:
Joyce Brinson, Molly Dean, Max Shearer, Richard Claunch, John Shadoan, J.D. Turpin, Dale Phelps, Lennis Rice, John Jones

Missing from the photo but attending:
Judy Ruffner

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Reunion, October 1-2, 2010
55 Years

Reunion 2010
To See Additional Photos of the 2010 Reunion, Click Here

1st Row: Charlie Flynn, Max Shearer, Arlene Waddle, Janice Gover, Mary Burkhart, Mrs. Irene Broyles, Kenneth Beasley, Lennice Rice
2nd Row: Harry Collins, Jayne Caldwell, Judy Ruffner, Camille Christopher
3rd Row: Martha Farmer, Mollie Dean, Margie Buster, Joyce Brinson
4th Row: Harold Barnett, Mildred Jesse, Winfred Wilson, John Jones, Richard Claunch, Doris Huff, Sandy Sheehan
5th Row: Ray Pike, John Shadoan, Dale Phelps, Ronald Rice, J. D. Turpin, Jack Fish

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Somerset High School
Class of 1955
Reunion, October 1, 2005
50 Years

Class of 55 Reunion 2005

1st Row: John Howard, Mary Burkhart, Martha Farmer, Margie Buster, Doris Huff, Betty Lou Coomer
2nd Row: Max Shearer, Arlene Waddle, Camille Christopher, Marjorie Wilson, Winford Wilson, Kenneth Beasley
3rd Row: Sylvia Burton, Janis Gover, Jayne Caldwell, Dale Phelps, Ann Gail Moore, Bob Mac Massengale
4th Row: Bert Hail, Judy Ruffner, Mollie Dean, Arlee Snyder, Sandy Sheehan, Graydon Cummins
5th Row: Jack Fish, Harold Barnett, Lennis Rice, Charles Flynn, John Shadoan, Ray Pike
6th Row: Harry Collins, Bill Ramsey, Ronald Rice, John Jones, Richard Claunch, J. D. Turpin

NOTE: Because many remember folks by their "high-school" names, I have kept them as I remembered them.
All women are listed by their unmarried names, etc.

To all SHS Class of '55 Members: This web space will be reserved for information (both past and present) about class members. Please send any information you would like to share with members of your class to: and I will post it to the web. Since some of our class members may not know about your life since graduation, please send any photos, family information, places lived, places traveled, children, grandchildren, marriages, occupations, hobbies, address, telephone number, email address, etc. -- anything you would like to share. You may send as much or as little as you like.

Bill Ramsey

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