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SHS School Etching
SHS Public School Buildings
Drawn by Robert O. Isenbarger , February 1974

SHS boys at Donovan Hall, U.K. c.1955-56
Video supplied by Walter Thompson

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Max and John



Charles and Max

Beautiful Sunrise
Friday Nov. 10, 2006 - Kentucky Sunrise, - Painted by GOD - Photographed by John Shadoan

Reunion - Year Unknown
Does anyone remember exactly what year this was?

SHS Band c1950
SHS Band c1950

SHS Marching Band 1954-55
SHS Marching Band, 1954-55

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Telephone Directory 1953
Somerset Telephone Directory 1953

In the May 1953 Somerset telephone directory the Somerset listings consisted of just over 15 pages (about 2000 numbers), Burnside listings were 142 numbers, Whitley City had 104 numbers. Eubank had 96 telephone numbers. The instructions below were included for those who had never used an automatic "dial" telephone before. Tell your grandchildren that when we were kids, you just picked up the receiver and told the operator what number you wanted to call. Some had to crank a handle to reach "central." I remember the operator saying "number please." I can even remember hearing my mother say to the operator, "Honey, could you get me Bill at work? Thank you." Calling "Long Distance" was quite a chore and expensive. First you called the operator and told her the number and the city you wished to reach. You would then hang up the telephone and wait until the operator had successfully located your party and called you back. Were folks more friendly in those days or is my mind just fuzzy -- or BOTH?

How to Operate the Automatic Telephone

Good telephone service is as dependent on proper telephone usage as it is on proper telephone equipment. Therefore we kindly request that you read the instructions covering proper telephone usage in the following paragraphs.

The "DIAL" on your telephone contains ten circular openings large enough to admit the tip of the index finger. Back of the dial is the "NUMBER PLATE" containing numbers 1 to 0 inclusive. The numbers, or a combination of them, make up the various numbers as they appear in the Telephone Directory.

"THE DIAL TONE" is a humming sound indicating that the line is clear and that the Central Office equipment is ready to receive the number to be called.

The "RINGING SIGNAL" is an intermittent purring sound indicating that the telephone of the number called is being rung.

The "BUSY SIGNAL" is a rapid interrupted buzzing sound indicating that the line called is busy.

Consult the telephone directory and obtain the telephone number of the party with whom you desire to communicate.


Remove the receiver and when you hear the dial tone keep the receiver off the hook and proceed as follows:

Place the tip of the index finger of either hand firmly in the opening in

the "DIAL" over the first digit of the number you are calling.

Then rotate the "DIAL" clockwise until your finger strikes the "FINGER STOP."

Don't fail to pull the dial clear around to the finger stop for each figure of the number you are calling.

Remove your finger and without touching the dial allow to return to its normal position.

Perform the same operation with each of the other digits in the number you are calling.

If your finger slips, or you make a mistake in dialing, hang up the receiver at once, wait a few seconds, and dial again. Before making a second call, always hang up the receiver for a few seconds in order to clear the previous connection.


To call a party on your line, dial that party's number, and when you receive a busy signal, HANG UP YOUR RECEIVER.

Both telephones-yours and the called party's-will then ring.

When your telephone stops ringing, the called party has answered. Remove your receiver and talk.

If the called party does not answer, remove your receiver for a second, which stops the ringing. The call is then disconnected, and you can try it later.

Tiger On His Toes

Thanks to Roger Little (Camille Christopher) for Taking and Sending the Following Pictures
If you would like to see full-size picture email me and I will send it to you.
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Camille and Bill
Reunion Group

The next five photos were supplied by Ralph King (Janis Gover)

Reunion 2005
Hot Babes
Reunion 2005
Reunion 2005
Reunion 2005

The following photos were provided by J. D. Turpin at the 50th Reunion


Does anyone remember this? Where? When?

Old Somerset Post Office
Old Post Office and Library - Main Street
Drawn by Robert O. Isenbarger, September 1975

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