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Mildred Jesse

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Mildred sent me the following letter and photo. She gave me permission to share it with you and here it is. I know you will want to wish Mildred and Garner a very happy 50th! I also have included a Christmas card she sent me quite a few years ago (at the very bottom of the page!)
Bill R.

Happy New Year!    Arrived home last night to a bundle of mail and lots of e-mail messages.  None was more happily  received than the Christmas Greetings from you and Phyllis.  It was beautiful.
Garner and I spent the last 15 days with our children, spouses and grandchildren aboard a cruise ship - Holland America's Noordam.  Our children gave us this trip and came along to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  It was a great celebration.  We usually don't get all the crew together often.  Lynn and family live in Loveland, Ohio (Cincinnati) and John and his family live in Napa Valley - St. Helena, California.
Lynn is married to Bill Niemeyer and they have two daughters.  Sara is 18 years old, a senior in Loveland High, a cheerleader, editor of the annual yearbook, and very involved in her church work.  Anna is 11 years old, a 5th grader in Loveland Middle, a soccer star, is on the basketball team,  plays piano, has a beautiful voice.  We are so proud of the girls.  And, we have been fortunate to have a beautiful relationship with them.
2006 has been a travel year for Garner and I.  We went to  CA in February for a couple of weeks.  In March, we were in Ohio for another two weeks, followed by a trip to Ashland, KY to visit friends. 
Most of our Ashland friends have retired and moved to other places.  There are 7 couples living in the Sarasota County, FL area, near us.  We get together frequently.   There were 12 couples in a dinner club in Ashland - the "Empty Nest Club".  One couple has died and one single also.  The remaining 7 are living all over.  Only one of our gang still lives in Ashland.  Of course, this is not the extent of our Ashland friends - just the closest ones.
To continue with travels .......... In June, Garner and I took a road trip to Denver, CO, where my sister, Pat and Jim Prather, live.  Then on to Aspen, CO to see son, John and family, where he and wife were involved in the Annual Aspen Wine Festival. 
John is married to Andrea Immer Robinson.  Andrea is a master sommelier, hosts her own TV show on Fine Living channel, has written several books on wine/cooking, and writes a yearly wine guide.  John was an executive with BellSouth.  He retired at age 41 from the company and married Andrea.  John was destined to be married to his career until he decided there were other things to make him happy.  Andrea was that.  We love her dearly and her son, Lucas.  John and Andrea have a 20 month old daughter, Jesse. I could really take up space in this e-mail with all she does - she is really a talker ......... so smart - just like her grandmother.  HA!   They are expecting a little boy in April.  John is involved with Andrea's career.  They have produced a DVD and have a Wine Club.
John and Andrea hosted a show on the cruise ship - actually they did two shows. 
In July, Garner and I went to Ashland once again and on to Ohio for a 3 week trip.  August found us back in CA.  There we stayed with Lucas and Jesse while parents were in Europe.
October we were not in FL at all.  First to CA, Then to New York City, and finally to Disney World.  We traveled with John to care for children while he and Andrea did "their thing".  Babysitting did not keep us from doing some of "Our things".
In November, Garner and I went on a Cruise ........... South America........ beginning in Rio, around the horn, and ending in Santiago.  Stopped at several ports and loved our trip.  Garner and I have seen all of the USA and most of the world.  We use to do land touring but for the past 10 years, have been doing our "sight-seeing" on cruise ships when we leave this country.  At our age, it is the only way to go.  We have Africa and the middle East yet to visit.  Not sure we will.
Think that pretty well sums it up for our 2006 activities.
Forgive all mistakes.  Laundry room is calling and mail has yet to be opened. And, oh my goodness, I have to go to the grocery store.  What on earth is that?
I love hearing from you.  Wish I were as good as you with using this computer.  My computer is old and doesn't have the capacity to accomplish tasks I would like.  Anyway, keep the notes coming.  If I am late answering, please know "I am on the road again".
Fondly,  Mildred

P.S.  A picture is in the mail.  If you wish, you may send the picture on to our SHS friends.  In fact, I wish you would even though I look ancient.

p.p.s. As you will notice on the picture I sent, I use the name Millie.  I have been known as Millie since college days.  However, my sisters still call me Mildred or Mil.


Mildred Jesse Robinson's Family
Front Row: Mildred, Lucas (standing), Garner
Standing Back Row: Bill, Lynn, Sara, Anna Niemeyer
Andrea, Jesse, John Robinson

Christmas Past