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Bill Ramsey

Bill Ramsey
Bill Ramsey
Phyllis (wife) Cheri (daughter) and Bill on California Coast

I am retired and currently living near Lansing, Michigan. Phyllis Robinette and I married in June of 1958 and have 3 children: Cheri (in California), Chris (on Ohio Street in Somerset) and David (in the Lansing, MI area.) We have 6 grandchildren (ranging in age from 17 down to 2 -- 4 boys and 2 girls.)

After graduation I attended UK and then Union Theological Seminary in New York City. I received the doctorate from Columbia University in New York. After 3 years of teaching in Louisville (Kentucky Southern College) we moved to Utah where I taught for 9 years. I then moved to Stanford University in California and taught there for 23 years and retired in 1994. I taught for 5 years post retirement at California State University in Chico and retired a second time. I also taught at Harvard, The University of the Philippines and The University of Vienna (Austria.) I have conducted and/or sung in various parts of the world (especially in Europe, the Far East and the USA.)

After retirement we moved back to Kentucky and lived on a houseboat (Sea Major) for 5 years. I became interested in the world wide web and began making web sites both professionally and for pleasure.

Our daughter, Cheri, is the Director of the Lindamood-Bell Learning Center in Saratoga, CA. Our son, Chris lives in the house where I was born in Somerset and is a full-time professional wood-turning artist with pieces in a variety of galleries and private collections world-wide. He received much publicity when President Bush commissioned him to turn a collection of art work for the White House ( Our other son (Chris and David are twins) David is a veterinary ophthalmologist ( I assisted him in his practice for several years and have once again retired.. Academic resume.

It was wonderful seeing my classmates again. I am especially thankful to the committee which did all the planning and hard work for the reunion. It was a great couple of days and I look forward to the next reunion. In the meantime, I would love to hear from you. Please write to me at

I grew a beard in 1967 which has been with me ever since. It's not so much that I like beards as it is that I hate shaving! If only the hair on the top of my head were so plentiful!!!


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